Helping you build the practice of your dreams…


Dear Colleague,


I started Gailmard Consulting because I receive emails from fellow optometrists every day who express a need for help with the business aspects of owning and running a practice.  Optometrists are doctors, not businessmen and women.  Most have no training or experience in business, yet we all know that practice success requires much more than just delivering good clinical eye care.  Hiring an office manager is just not enough.


No matter what size your practice is, I’ve been there and I’ll work with you.  

  • For start-up and smaller practices: I’ll get you started on a road to great things.  Once you develop a system that works, it will serve your entire career.
  • For average size practices:  Why be satisfied with an average practice and average net income?  You have a good base, now step up to a new level of earning power and practice enjoyment.
  • For large practices:  Management gets tougher and consumes more time as you grow bigger.  I’ve experienced such growth and I’ll bring you a new perspective that will help you continue to prosper.

Put me on your practice advisory board.  Your financial return will be many times greater than the cost!


 Best wishes for continued success,   


Neil B. Gailmard, OD, MBA, FAAO